What We Believe

“Listen to my prayer, O God,
do not ignore my plea;
hear me and answer me.
My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught.
because of what my enemy is saying,
because of the threats of the wicked;
for they bring down suffering on me
and assail me in their anger.”

We Believe in:

  1. the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible
  2. the one and living God, eternally existent in three Persons in perfect unity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  3. the inherent corruptness of mankind through the fall, the necessity for repentance and regeneration by grace through faith alone, and the eternal separation from God of the finally impenitent
  4. the virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension and abiding intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ
  5. justification and sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ
  6. the sacraments of baptism in water by immersion, and of communion
  7. the security of the believer in Christ
  8. the baptism in the Holy Spirit as a separate experience to regeneration, and the availability of all New Testament gifts today
  9. the provision of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the leadership and building up of the Body of Christ, and elders, pastors and deacons for the leadership and administration of the local church
  10. the personal and visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the eternal fellowship with Christ of all  believers

About us

Our vision is to be a caring and empowering community of God’s people, bringing healing and restoring hope through life  changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

We not only have a big heart for people but a big heart for our city. Vision Christian Family is one of a number of Ipswich churches who want to see Christ’s kingdom dynamically established in the lives of God’s people. Everything we do ultimately works toward this single purpose.

Contact Info - PASTORS

Phone: 0437 884 919


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