From The Pastor's Pen


From The Pastor's Pen

God’s Men

Two young soldiers, both wounded in overseas conflict and both returned home to recuperate, turned up drunk at an evangelist’s tent crusade. They sat in the back row and when one began laughing, the other joined him.

They didn’t realise how disruptive they’d become until the man leading announced, “Brothers and sisters, we have two men here tonight who are chained by the powers of a dark world.” The man led the meeting in praying for the two but they were now laughing uncontrollably, so much so that they drowned out the praying. The choir was called up and began singing “Let my people go.” It seemed like the meeting everyone wanted to forget.

Sometime later and now released from the Army, one of the two, Andrew, went with another friend, Kees, to a different evangelist’s meeting. Andrew felt out of place among such an exuberant crowd, and when the preacher announced, “I have the feeling something unique is taking place tonight. Someone in this audience is going to give himself as a missionary,” he thought it was time to leave. Kees agreed but their attempts to shuffle to the end of the row drew so much attention that both men had to sit down again. The evangelist asked the person with the call to be a missionary to come forward. Without hesitation both Andrew and Kees were again on their feet but this time heading for the front.

Kees would go on to become a pastor with the Dutch Reformed Church and Andrew would in the years to come become world renowned as ‘Brother Andrew,’ the man who risked jail and his very life over and over as he smuggled thousands of Bibles into communist nations where Bibles were all but impossible to get hold of, and spoke in hundreds of underground church meetings to encourage the persecuted church.

This was the same man who disrupted a whole meeting with his drunken antics. If you’re ever in a meeting when someone does something similar to what Andrew did, you make sure you go to prayer for their soul. God sees the person He wants and goes after them!