From The Pastor's Pen


From The Pastor's Pen

You’re Not Alone

An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him   Luke 22:43

 Have you ever felt completely alone in the challenges you were facing? On the night of His betrayal, Jesus must have felt that way. He asked His closest disciples – Peter, James and John – to come apart from the others and pray with Him. But every time He came back to check on the three men, they were sleeping. Jesus was experiencing a great spiritual battle and under extreme pressure that night. That’s why He wanted His closest disciples close by His side.

But when Jesus could find no one to stand with Him in His hour of greatest need, God provided supernatural assistance. ‘An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.’ This supernatural strength more than made up for the lack of support from the disciples.

When Luke says an angel ‘strengthened’ Him, he uses a strong expression for ‘strengthened.’ The first part of Luke’s word means that whatever word follows is to be intensified. The next part of the word had an array of meanings: to be strong in body, robust; to have power to prevail against; to be forceful, effective, capable of producing results. The two parts compounded together meant ‘to impart great strength, to fill a person with full heartedness, to fully renew vitality.’ Jesus might have been feeling depleted and exhausted before but received from the angel a ‘blast’ of energy that recharged Him. Now He was ready to face the cross.

If you’ve felt trapped and alone, let down by those you thought would help you, it’s time to look afresh to God. God is able to bring you through all you’re facing. God has supernatural grace and strength available. You’re not alone. You’re surrounded by the Holy Spirit’s power, enabling and glorious angels to keep you moving forward.