From The Pastor's Pen


From The Pastor's Pen


Conflict is – most regrettably – part of the human experience. It’s always been with us
and will continue to be so. Conflicts between neighbours over an encroaching tree,
conflicts in the Middle East over tribal and sectarian differences, conflict here at home
between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers and between anti-lock downers and governments.
So, yes, we have all this conflict ‘out there’ but every Christian would recognise that
there is another conflict – one we experience daily – and that is the conflict between
the flesh and the Spirit. It is an internal conflict rather than an external one – but just
as real – and just as damaging to us and those we love.
Paul writes of this is Galatians 5:17 – “For the flesh desires what is contrary to the
Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other,
so that you are not to do whatever you want.”
We’ve all felt the conflict. We all know its reality.
Resolution of all those external conflicts may elude us but this inner conflict has its
answer in Jesus. Paul tells us that the solution is to walk in the Spirit – governed by
love rather than our own desires. We can experience the fruit of the Spirit if we have
a heart to receive it.
Chairman of Prison Fellowship International, Michael Timmis said this – ‘The way I
define love is by using the fruit of the Spirit, which starts with love. I believe that joy
is love rejoicing, peace is love at rest, patience is love waiting, kindness is love
interacting, goodness is love initiating, faithfulness is love keeping its word, gentleness
is love empathising, and self-control is love resisting temptation.’
Conflict may be part of the spirit of this world but the son or daughter of God can take
a higher road. Instead of being governed by the flesh – the root cause of all conflict –
we can choose to be governed by the Spirit, allowing God’s love to daily refill us and
flow out from us and thereby see the fruit of Spirit alive in us. This is not only for the
‘super saint’ – it is the birthright of every child of God.

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