Day 4 Choose to Pray

Choose to Pray

Have you ever thought God has favourites – people He seems to do special things for that don’t have seem to happen to you?

What about Peter, James and John? They were Jesus’ favourites, weren’t they?

Imagine yourself as one of Jesus’ disciples – but with exactly the same likes and dislikes, abilities and temperament you have now. If you’d been walking for hours already and then Jesus said, “I’m going to climb a mountain and pray for a couple of hours. Anyone want to come?” would you? Or would you think “I’m tired. I’m not one for three or four hour prayer meetings. No, I think I’ll wait here at the bottom of the mountain.”

Most of the disciples would have joined you sitting this prayer meeting out; but not all. Three wanted to go. They were Peter, James and John.

If you look at the times these three are singled out, you’ll notice something else. It seems to happen a lot when prayer is involved. Most Christians are not overly interested in praying but these three men were. They were constantly there when Jesus wanted to pray. So maybe it wasn’t that Jesus was drawn to them as much as they were drawn to Jesus, particularly when it came to prayer.

God doesn’t have favourites but He does have favourite things He loves His people doing (like praying). When we do things God likes us doing it might seem to others like He’s favouring us, but He’s loving our heart because we’ve chosen rightly.

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