Day 1 Another New Year

Another New Year


If the devil was to hit you at your weakest point, where would that be? For almost all of us, the answer is in an area of character weakness. Many of us would be embarrassed to be more specific, but it’s not a hard question to answer.

Character formation seems to take forever. Change is slow. Significant change can usually only be measured over years and not months. But what’s the use of having other things if the moment the devil wants to bring us down, we can’t stop him?

From a practical point of view, nothing is more important to a Christian than a changed life. A changed life gives us credibility in the eyes of others. They may not agree with what we believe, but if they recognise changes in us, they know what’s happening is real.

How many times have you thought to yourself “If I only had more time”? We’re a time-poor society, despite a thousand and one time saving gadgets. You have just as much time as anyone else. The real issue is: what are you doing with the time you’ve got? How do you fill your day? Learn to use your time differently. Slow down. Take some time to smell the roses. People always in a hurry find change almost an impossibility.

We’re about to start a new year. You can make this a year of change or it can be more of the same. What happens is up to you.

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