We are an alive, caring, family church.


We are people of VISION. God has plans and purposes for our city, our nation and the nations of the world. We have sought to align our lives with His plans and purposes, to bring His life, love and hope to a world desperately needing each.

Important Announcement!

Currently, church is meeting again! Face to face! We are being careful to maintain our social distance requirements, inside the church building.

In compliance with the new recommendations on how churches can begin meeting again, a building our size can accommodate up to 65 people, socially distanced. Seating will be spaced appropriately, though families can sit together.

As the COVID restrictions are easing just now, we will start having Communion on alternate weeks and morning tea after the service. They will both be served and received within our COVID safe guidelines.
For the time being services will be shorter.

Our Children’s Ministry has recently resumed, and so Cross Power is held on Sunday at 9.30.  There will be further updates for Youth ministry.

As we transition into gathering in-person, you still have the option to watch our services from home as we’ll continue to live stream.

Did we mention, Praise God!

Sunday Morning Meeting 9.30am - Now Live Streamed

Please come and join us at Sunday worship, at  https://www.facebook.com/visionchristianfamily/

you are very welcome.

Latest Messages

         13th September: When the Unthinkable Happens – Jocie Meadth
         20th September: The Father’s Love in Jesus – Karen Fuller
          27th September: Everyone Gets to Play – John Meadth

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About us

Our vision is to be a caring and empowering community of God’s people, bringing healing and restoring hope through life  changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

We not only have a big heart for people but a big heart for our city. Vision Christian Family is one of a number of Ipswich churches who want to see Christ’s kingdom dynamically established in the lives of God’s people. Everything we do ultimately works toward this single purpose.

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Phone: 0437 884 919


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