We are an alive, caring, family church.


We are people of VISION. God has plans and purposes for our city, our nation and the nations of the world. We have sought to align our lives with His plans and purposes, to bring His life, love and hope to a world desperately needing each.

About Our Church

Our church is located in the beautiful city of Ipswich, a prime growth area of South East Queensland.

We are a Bible-believing church, recognising God has given us through the pages of this book all we need to know Him and live successful and happy lives through His grace and power. The timeless truths of the Bible are presented in a relevant, down to earth and challenging way each week.


We are CHRISTIAN. Our church centres on Jesus Christ as King and Saviour and is Pentecostal in expression. Jesus has made an enormous difference in our lives and we want everyone to experience that same difference.

We are a FAMILY. Our church brings together people of different national backgrounds. We love our diversity but realise many in today’s world don’t have a family to call their own. Our sincere hope is that many can one day call this church their spiritual home.

Sunday Morning Meeting 9.30am

Please come and join us at Sunday worship, you are very welcome.

Coming Up

8th December – Cross Power Concert

16th December – Christmas Carols in the evening



Keys to a Longer Ministry Life by Pastor Geoff Wilson

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